Calling All SEXY Vampires and Zombies to Hocus Pocus Halloween Store.

Want to know how to get the perfect zombie or vampire costume? Shop at Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Shop today and check out the sale and regular priced adult Halloween costumes. We have everything you need to zombify your look or turn you into the sexy vampire that will turn heads. Regular priced men and women's costumes $10.00 to $20.00 in the discount section. If you see a SEXY vampire or Zombie costume in your future check out the latest Wacky Wednesday Costume Sale at Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Store.

Freaky Friday Costume Sale at Hocus Pocus Halloween

Hocus Pocus Halloween has gone freaky and added even more halloween costumes for you. If freaky is your style check out the video tutorial and you too can get your freak on! Shop with us on Friday's for our Freaky Friday Costume Sale take advantage of our sale priced costumes reduced to $10.00 (Other offers do not apply). Of course we will also have other sales during Freaky Friday but you have to shop at Hocus Pocus Halloween at 1533 Austin Highway #107, San Antonio, Texas 78218. Hours 11:00 to 9:00 Only 13 days until HALloween!

Disney Zombie Costumes!

Shop with us at Hocus Pocus Halloween Costume Shop for Disney Zombie costumes $34.99 and up! Mention this ad and get a kids wig for $5.00. We have green hairspray and white face paint makeup.

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